Thursday, September 25, 2008

Grand Teton & Yellowstone Park

The most important person in a relationship must be yourself first. If you don't take care of you, your needs, your desires, your dreams then it is impossible to be the best that you can be. Your spouse deserves to be the very first next person in your life. Children grow up and move on with their lives, your spouse should be there throughout your life so it is important to nurture that relationship on a daily basis.

WaterBoy and I make it a point to spend quality time together. This has always been a number one priority. A few years back we decided to take annual long weekend trip traveling by car to see the sites that we live near. We consider this trip as a free trip! Yep, a free trip. It is not REALLY free, but because of the tricks we play with our finances throughout the year, the trip is paid with money that we have not missed. We never use change when purchasing anything, we only use bills. The coin we recieve back goes directly into our change jars. I have change jars in the laundry room, our bathroom, both our cars and our bedroom. You need to make it really easy to deposit that change into a jar. Typically when we cash in the change (usually twice a year Spring and Fall) we have about $450 to pay our way.

We live about 8 miles from the enterance of Grand Teton National Park. This is one of the most awe inspiring places on earth. Living so close to this beautiful area it is amazing how often we take advantage of and dismiss the grandure of the area. Last weekend we decided to trip through Grand Teton National Park and Yellowstone National Park. Our goal was to see many animals and to take many photos. Well we did take many photos 251 to be exact, but the animals well they were not so forth coming, that will need to be another day. I have a couple that you will enjoy.

Here is our journey.

WaterBoy and I were up before dawn. Our goal was to make it to Grand Teton National Park with beautiful morning light, we suceeded. Our first stop was the Chapel of Transfigureation. This is an Episcapal church located within the park. What a beautiful one room little log cabin. It’s large window frames the Grand Teton’s beautifully. I had forgotten the awe of standing infront of the alter framing the Teton’s with the simbal of our Lord. It is something to witness. This little chapel comes complete with beautiful stained glass arched windows, each telling their own story. My pictures of this morning, the mountains and the chapel look tampered with, I have not photoshopped anything. We have some smoke in the area which was in the air I believe this is why the mountians have that “Is That Real” look to them.

After our stop at the chapel we drove the Jenny Lake Loop. Jenny Lake is a beautiful place. Located at the base of the Grand Teton Mountains, because of a mirrored affect often it is hard to tell where the mountains end and the lake begins.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

New Recipes

I have posted new recipes to my recipe blog.

Labor Day Camp Trip

Our Labor Day camping trip included 11 campers, 33 people, 12 dogs, 10 four wheelers and 2 side by side four wheelers.

We had much fun. This is a picture of a rock formation just on the other side of the creek at sun down. I am in this picture. Can you find me? I am by my camper. Do you see me yet? I am wearing my red bikini!
UNCLE COUSIN KENTUCKY.....this is in the area where we went as you remember? CLICK Wind River Mountains

Old Black Dog

This is a picture of Old Black Dog. I took this picture on Labor Day. In the background you can see the "snow" clouds forming over the Wind River Mountain Range. The Wind Rivers are my home in my heart. Every time I get near them I calm. To learn more about these beautiful mountains click here.

Notice the red, green, black and orange lichen on the rocks. Be sure to click on the pictures to enlarge them.

It Is So Nice To Have Hollywood Back!

The old Hollywood is back. I do not know what she did with "Alien Hollywood", but I hope she dropped her off a high cliff never to return.

She is smiling, joking and teasing her dad. Yesterday a little baby took her first steps in life into Hollywood's arms. Hollywood said that it made her so happy she cried! I remember the day Hollywood took her first steps into my arms. It made me so happy I cried. I do miss my babies! But, I am very proud of both my young adults! They are good, caring and kind people for which Water Boy and I are very blessed!

The ordeal our family has gone through over these last very painful and agonising months will not be forgotten. I will forever more care on my blogs important information about abuse. Abuse wears many hats as noted on this blog. If you wonder if you are abused, check out the website .

Hollywood has a way to go to dig herself out of the hole she created. Water Boy and I are here to support her journey; however, this is her journey to climb so we are gifting to her that journey. She knows the apron strings are broken. These strings needed to be broken. As long as Water Boy and I were there to clean up her messes she could not progress with her life. I am more confident than ever that she will become the beautiful independent woman she is destine to be.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Class Plans Posted

Hey -

I posted the next four months of class plans over on . Stop on over to check it out! Then run on over to to check out my newest posted recipes.


More on Hollywood

Hollywood was running late this morning and did not have time to make her lunch. I told her when I dropped her off at work that I would bring lunch by around 1. I stuffed and tossed a chicken in the oven to bake when I returned home.

At 1, I boxed up hot chicken and stuffing and took it to Hollywood. When I arrived Hollywood introduced me to her new boss. I handed her the plate of chicken, she commented that it was still warm. I told her what lunch was she looked directly at her boss and said "Isn't she the BEST!"..........I about hit the floor. What a nice compliment. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the kind words coming from her mouth.

I have really missed my darling Hollywood. I hope she is back for good. I really disliked the "Alien Hollywood".


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Hollywood Update

Hollywood - Is home with Water Boy and I. These last few weeks have been very difficult for us. After getting more information on That Man, we have found that he is extremely messed up. We are counting our blessings that our beautiful Hollywood is alive and home.

She is doing much better day to day. She has a new job, which has a lot of children around her. Children make you smile and smiling is the single most thing Hollywood needs to do right now. She has been so emotionally abused that she had lost most of the light in her eyes.

Hollywood went as far as playing a prank on Water Boy. I honestly don't remember the last time I saw her giggle then laugh....but when Water Boy thought he missed recording NASCAR this last weekend and responded in his normal manner. I saw some of that lost light come on in Hollywood's eyes...then came the giggle then the full belly laugh.

It was good, Hollywood and I in full blown laughter, watching as Water Boy punched the buttons on the remote trying to get the race to play. A good memory!

I honestly think Hollywood has seen the light. She sure has been working hard these last few days to get a new life lined up. Only time will tell.

Thank you for all the love and support!