Wednesday, August 27, 2008

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Monday, August 25, 2008

"Am I Abused?"

Do you wonder "Am I Abused?" Go here:

The Alien Inside

Hello to my support groups.

I am sure at this point you are thinking "Just another kid, gone wild". But THAT is NOT the case. Hollywood is wonderful sure she and I have had our tiffs, we are very similar. But, she is amazing.

I have owned several businesses, an antique shop, pawn and money store all in one (sold a few years back), an environmental business (I still have - I work on ground, water and drinking water) plus I wear many different hats for my many different clients from bookkeeping to personal assisting. When Hollywood was 16 Water Boy and I went on a buying trip with our business partner for the antique shop. Hollywood had worked the entire business for me often while maintaining another job AND school work. I was afraid to leave Hollywood alone for the 10 day trip so I hired another women to come in and just be there because Hollywood was so young in a business with transit type folks. I did not know until I returned home, this woman NEVER SHOWED up to work. Hollywood handled the entire store by herself!!!! At age 16. I don't know of anyone at age 16 that could have done this. She had a $6000 day all by herself along with the pawn and money store!!!! The entire time I had the store I NEVER had a $6000 day! She is amazing.

What I see going on with her these last few months is sooooo foreign. My only explanation is ......I am positive AN ALIEN HAS TAKEN OVER HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting side note, every other person ever interviewed by officials who have had a family member in this same situation as Hollywood with THAT MAN has used the EXACT SAME PHRASE...An Alien has taken over!

I am confused! I am extremely hurt! I am heart broken!

"I still am calling bull shit!"

The Abuse Cycle

IT IS FREAKIN UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! I am at my wits end!!!!!!!!!!!! The abuse cycle is amazing!!! I have walked in Hollywood's shoes....I have been there, I understand but it is hard. Hollywood is textbook....but it does not make it easy to understand. Honestly, I personally can not deal with too much more of this b.s.

Now Hollywood does NOT WANT TO press charges. Yep, that is what she says.....NOW THAT MAN IS MR. WONDERFUL.... Water Boy and Hollywood went to file the paperwork. When they got there Hollywood proceeded in telling those people trying to help fill out the paperwork that this was all Water Boy and my fault. Water Boy and I are drunkin lunatics!!!!!!!! Water Boy said his jaw just hit the floor. He could not believe that HIS darling daughter could sit there and blatantly tell such huge lies about all of this and about us! And then defend all of That Man's actions!!! Water Boy came home with his head a hanging low at how betrayed he feels. He never in a million years would have dreamed that his beautiful daughter would do this to him. And get this Water Boy and I are the ones in the wrong. We have blown these things out of context.

Gee grabbing you around the throat, while you believe you are in danger, is OKAY?????????? Holding you against your will for forty five minutes is okay?????? Taking a hammer and putting it through the wall is okay????? Calling you every name in the book is okay???? Yep that makes him Mr. Wonderful just ask Hollywood. Rinse a repeat...UNFREAKIN BELIEVABLE!!!!

Hollywood just came into my office and said she does not feel comfortable around all this animosity towards her (from Water Boy and I). After what Water Boy under went at the legal shop? Gee, I would hate to see what real animosity felt like. Gee just 5 minutes ago I offered to make her a sandwich. Does this constitute animosity towards her?? Guess so Water Boy and I are fault!!!! Yep all of this hell that we have gone through is OUR own FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have got to be in the Twilight Zone..... I have GOT to be in the Twilight Zone...that is the only explanation.

I know That Man is getting to her I am not sure how, but he is. He is really trying to alienate her from all of her family. He is succeeding. I told Hollywood it is time to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and start taking responsibilities for yourself! Quit blaming EVERYONE else for the messes you yourself are creating. I said "I Call Bull Shit", which is a phrase we use to say okay, that doesn't fly, it doesn't make sense and we all know it is b.s.

I believe Hollywood is praying that she is pregnant. That is the only way she can justify not proceeding with the prosecution of That Man. "He would go to jail for 4 to 6 years, if I file these papers". Boo freakin hoo! I have told her until I am blue in the face, this is not YOUR problem! You have to look after yourself. He has made his own bed, not you. They just don't throw you in jail for 4 to 6 years for a first offense. Nope they don't, but they will on lets say the third, fourth or more times prosecuted! Yep!! But NO just ask Hollywood, it is now Water Boy and my doings that That Man is in this situation.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hollywood Attacked

Hello to all my support.

Last night that man attacked Hollywood. Pulled her around by her hair then tried to strangle her. She managed to get away and call the police and Water Boy. He fled into the woods. Water Boy drove up to the "Ax" Ranch and brought Hollywood home. At this time we do not know the where abouts of that man. Please keep the prayers coming. Our family is in a lock down mode at the moment. We are being extremely cautious until they find that man. Hopefully this is coming to an end soon.

Here is the kicker.....the police have 24 hours to locate him. After 24 hours have passed if they have not located him then they CAN NOT arrest him for domestic violence. What is up with that kind of law? Wouldn't you think with all the stalking laws in place they could arrest him for his actions last night?? I don't get it.

Thanks for all the love and support.


Monday, August 18, 2008

Day Seven Letter One

Dear Hollywood:

Grandpup LuLu is having a fine time. Grandpup LuLu is taking great pleasure "playing" the chase game with Phoebe the water stealing cat and Sophie the brainless cat, unfortunately those two cats have not caught on that this is suppose to be a game and not for real.

Have been talking to Aunt Use To Babysit you, it sounds like we will be traveling to the funeral leaving Wednesday morning around 6. We really would love it if you decided to come with us.

You should have seen your Dad the other day. My client is having us help him sell his Harley. It had to be moved from in front of the house to the garage around back. It was the first time your dad has ever ridden a Harley. He looked so funny and I missed the photo op. He looked better on that scooter he had for a day. I asked him if he was going to have a midlife crisis and buy that bike. He said, "Ya, you can just call me "Mr." "Mr. Biker Dude that is".

We are here to talk if you like any time you are ready.

We love you and miss you.

Song For Nettie

This is a special song for a special lady. We will miss you Nettie!

In the Arms Of an Angel - Sarah McLaughlin

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Sad News

Water Boy received word this morning that our darling "Nettie" passed away this morning in Aunties arms. Nettie was a special member of our extended family, always happy, always with camera in tow, she loved Alan Jackson and ketchup. Nettie had Downs Syndrome but lived a long life into her forties. We will all miss you Nettie.

Much Love

Hollywood At My Door

Good Morning -

Hollywood did come by around 3 Friday afternoon, with grandpup in tow. They both looked wonderful, but heck it really would not have mattered how they looked I was just so relieved to see them!

I hugged Hollywood's neck as long as she let me. I held back my tears of relief and I must admit the anger I have after being in the bowels of hell that Water Boy and I have been this last week.

I did not ask any questions. I just kept steps. So I said little and let her talk.

She is working & living just 45 miles away at that "Ax Ranch". This is a remote guest ranch with employee housing, she will be serving tables there. She said it is dorm style living and she says she has two roommates both from Russia who speak little English. She left grandpup LuLu with Water Boy and I because dogs are not allowed in the dorm. If all this is the case then that man is not living with her. Again, I did not steps.....She said she would be needed to work there until the end of September. She said this would give her time to get on to her feet. I AM VERY RELIEVED.

Water Boy met with her for a few minutes she stopped by his work after she left me. All he told me about that conversation was that it was a S*%#& thing she had done to us. After the week we have had I agree. I know we will need to work on our relationship with Hollywood, but for now it is not the time as Hollywood needs to get back on her feet emotionally and work on herself first.

Thank you for all your kind words, prayers and support. Keep praying and sending positive Chi that That Man is gone. Hollywood as far as I know has not seen this blog, I did kind of mention it and she seemed to not have a clue. I think it best to wait a while and to keep posting to her before she sees this, I do not want to put any further anxiety on her until I am sure she is emotionally stable.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Grandpup LuLu

This is my grandpup LuLu. I have always had big dogs, never had much interest in little yippee dogs. But, I must say LuLu has captured both Water Boy and my heart.
She only yips when there is a knock at the door. Old black dog, Phoebe the water stealing cat and Sophie the brainless cat all totally dislike grandpup LuLu.
LuLu takes great pride in a great game of chase through the house with the cats and loves to snuggle up to Old Black Dog much to Old Black Dogs chagrin.

A Song to Hollywood

Hollywood -

My dear friend sent me this song to make me feel better. I am sending it on to you.

Never Alone - Sara Evans

Thank you my friend tsm3012!

I love you!

Hollywood Calls Water Boy

Hollywood called Water Boy. Said, she is coming over this evening. She is only 45 miles away at that "Ax Ranch". She said she was bringing grandpup Lulu to come live with us for a while. I'm trying not to get my hopes up. I am numb to her promises. I don't think I can take many more disappointments for a while.

Quotes to Hollywood from JMO

When people show you the FIRST time who they are, believe them!

You can forget what people say. You can forget what people do. You never forget how they made you feel.

When one door closes, another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us. (Alexander Graham Bell)

Never look back unless you are planning to go that way. ~ Fear Accomplishes Nothing.

Thank you my friend JMO for all your support - we are going to make it!

Other Lost Soles

Dear Friends:

As Water Boy and I are traveling this tough trail, we are becoming very aware of just how many other women, children and men are in abusive situations.

Over 30 years ago, I too was in a very abusive situation. I lived through it but came very close to loosing my life. As the years have passed, I had forgotten the terror of that kind of life. I had forgotten the brainwashing, the brow beating, the physical beatings.

Traveling this trail I am on today, all the emotions, feelings and thoughts have flooded back into my body. I did not realize that I had not gotten over those days some 30 long years ago. But, I have not. I should not. I simply chose to forget about them and in turn have forgotten about all those other people out there in these situations. I guess this is why I am so terrified for Hollywood.

I have been fortunate to have had Water Boy in my life for over 24 years. Together we have made a wonderful life full of loving family and friends. Not every day has been a cake walk, but every day was and is a safe day for us.

Going forward as l learn of other lost soles, I will post their first name here so hopefully all those who visit this blog can take just one minute to stop, pray and send all the positive Chi to those in need.

If you are one of these lost soles please visit -

If you sit here and say to yourself, "I don't think I am abused". Then chances are you are being abused, because those folks who are not being abused just don't have to ask themselves that question. Go to this website, confirm for yourself, then get away. Don't waste another day.


A Letter to Steven

Dear Steven:

Your mother emailed to me yesterday about your situation. Please know that your momma is fighting for you. She loves you and misses you.

Today I am sending to you and your momma all the positive thoughts, prayers and Chi, I can muster. Hang in there little man.


Day Four Letter One

Dear Hollywood:

Thank you for phoning home yesterday. It was good to hear your voice and to know that you are okay.

We wish we could have talked with you last night like we planned. Maybe we can talk today? It is a comfort to know that you are closer to home than dad & I originally thought.

We had dinner at aunt and uncle excavation house last night. Betrothed cousin and soon to be spouse was there, Grinnell cousin, grandma, grandma's friend flower, barber uncle and aunt crash :-) was there. Aunt crash is doing much better and doctors say her arms are recovering nicely. Uncle excavation smoked brisket all day, it was very tender and yummy.

Water stealing cat, is as ornery as ever, she just thinks she is tough but snuggles in close at night. Brainless is still brainless but still a very lovey kitty. Old black dog is still old but tries to get her tail anyway.

Filmboy called last night asking about his sis. He loves you too you know and is missing you.

Hopefully today we can chat.

We love and miss you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hollywood Calls Home

Just an update Hollywood just phoned home. We are going to talk later this evening. Keep the prayers coming!

Won Ton's Mom

Hollywood -

Won Ton's mom called sends her love. Wants you to call Won Ton.
Tally flower misses you too.

We love you and we miss you.


Darling daughter Hollywood - this is for you.

From my friend JMO thank you!

Hollywood - please don't quit on us...we won't quit on you!

Positive Energy

Hello - to all my support team. Thank you for all your kind words of support.

This world is made of energy. All the positive energies that you send off to darling daughter Hollywood helps. Keep it up.

The good Lord has a plan, it is up to me to trust him and his plan. Prayer and meditation to your God helps my darling daughter know that she is loved by many. Keep it up.

I am reciprocating back to each of you. You are in my prayers today. You are in my meditation today. I am sending positive Chi to you today. SunEday.

Darling daughter Hollywood feel the love coming your way. Mom

Day Three Letter One

Dear Hollywood -

Please click this link to "You Are Not Crazy"

Bride to be cousin and betrothed arrived in town last night. They are here looking for their wedding spot. What a fun time for them. We are having dinner at mom and dad excavation house tonight to celebrate the announcement. We wish you were here to celebrate with us!

Grandma is very sad and sends her love to you too, she said you can always call her. Maybe you should to put her mind at ease.

We miss grandpup! We love you! We miss you!


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Day Two Letter Three

Dear Hollywood:

Huckleberries are on...remember when dad ran out of the woods after seeing the bear when he thought it was Old Black Dog?

We love you! We miss you!!

Day Two Letter Two

Dear Hollywood:

We know you are very angry with your father and I, understandably so. We believe someday when you become a momma you will understand what lengths a parent will go to to protect their child. Like a momma bear...all teeth showing taking no prisoners.

We know you want to be on your own and make your own way. That is exactly what we want for you. For you to be on YOUR own. We understand why you don't want to be here in Jackson and that is fine. But, it doesn't take that man for you to be on your own. You are a bright, intelligent beautiful girl, with a lot to offer. You have a lifetime ahead of you. What do you want out of your life? Think about that.

Food for thought
  • Remember how happy you were before that man? What is your happiness level now?
  • Remember all those things you told us about that man.
  • Remember all the things you told your friends about that man. Were those all lies? If so then you were lying about that man, who you love? Does that even make sense?
  • If all those things you told us and your friends were lies about that man who is the love of your life then wouldn't that man be hurt by your words.
  • Think about this, that man is 35 years old. What does he have to show for his 35 years? How has he contributed to society. How do you see your future with that man based upon his previous 35 years?
  • Don't you think you deserve the fairy tale life with someone who adores you?
  • Don't you think you deserve the fairy tale wedding?
  • Don't you think you deserve to be happy?
  • Don't you think you deserve to keep all your family? Didn't that man tell you what he wanted in life was family, like you have? Then why is he tearing you away from your family?
  • Don't you think you deserve to have a life coach councilor help you through these emotional times? Hollywood we have lost too many family and friends this last year. It is going to take a lot of time to heal for all of us.
  • Don't you think you deserve to have time to yourself to think all of this through, so that you know your decisions are being made with a clear head? Why can't he give you time to get on your feet emotionally? Reasonable people would want a decision so big as love and being a couple being made by emotionally stable person.

Has he told you he will take care of you and that he is the only one who truly loves you? Remember you are loved by many.

Has he told you we abandanded you?

  • Remember third grade icky teacher? We supported you.
  • Remember that aweful pink paint job in your room? We supported you.
  • Remember Hitler Principal? We supported you.
  • Remember your last swim on swim team? We supported you.
  • Remember Tucson? We supported you.
  • Remember big dark friend of Jesus boy before Tucson? We supported you.
  • Remember dark hair bike bar b q boy. We supported you.
  • Remember dumb job at village. We supported you.
  • Remember drama queens at long time work. We supported you.

We will ALWAYS support you! We would NEVER abandan you. Never!

Hollywood it is not too late to change your mind. You don't have to stay in your current situation, you have choices.

When you are ready to go your own way, we will support you. No questions asked. Haven't we always.

Know that you are not EVER alone. Help moving on with your life as YOU see fit is a phone call away. Check out the website I posted a link to.

Did you notice the picture on this page is the Gross Ventre by where we camp?

We love you! We miss you!


Poem by Martivir to Darling Daughter

Liquid silver dripping off sterling tipped tongue
Oblivious to the true song being sung
Sinking deep into a cesspool of hope
Slowly knotting her own hanging rope

She’s blinded by trust, silenced by love
She misses the call of the lone mourning dove
A perfect wife, a dream of white
Unable to see the truth of night

Obedience born of guilt
Life’s slipping away like sandy silt
Tinted cracks begin to appear
Her ears are closed, she refuses to hear

Iron tipped barbs lance through her soul
She’s been beaten down, she knows her role
Silence rules, submission speaks
Tears flow down, stress hollowed cheeks

Rose glass flying through the air
Life’s here and it’s never fair
Innocence has been shattered
She never truly mattered

The pit was dug, there’s no way out
Dropped to the bottom, soul full of doubt
It’s all her fault, she’s to blame
She can’t see that’s his game

Builds them up, then breaks them down
Throws them out, let’s them drown
They think it’s her, never him
He’s a perfect creature, sweet seraphim

She grinds her glasses into dust
Her eyes now open the truth a must
He’s a con, a player, low- life extraordinaire
She flees, flies, away from there

His lies made bald, the truth now known
His faults bare, cowardice shown
She’s not crazy, just hurt as hell
Betrayed, broken, but stronger as well

Rose glass flying through the air
Life’s here and it’s never fair
Innocence has been shattered
Never again, that’s all that matters

Thank you my friend Martivir

Day Two

Dear Darling Daughter:

Dad and I woke up to a beautiful sun filled morning, but as the fog of sleep left our brains reality filled our broken hearts. Our beautiful daughter is missing. The memories of holding my husband of 24 years as he sobbed in my arms last night flashed through my head. I have never seen him cry like this before, my heart breaks for him.

My heart breaks for you today. I know you are confused and emotionally spent. You have been through a lot this last year. I know you miss Poppa and Grandmom we all do. My wish is for you to come home and talk to us, but I know in your eyes right now Dad and I are the enemy. I am sorry.

Your cell phone is on, your voice mail needs reset. I will text to you both of your cousins telephone numbers in Denver so that you will not be all alone.

REMEMBER what we told you about that little gut feeling. Watch for it and please act upon it if it should arise. We will help you start your own life if you will let us. We love you with all of our hearts! We miss you!


Day One

Greetings - I started working on this blog last Friday August 8, 2008. My intention in creating my blog spot was to highlight all the people and things that I love:
  • my darling husband Water Boy - the love of my life 24+ years together and we still like each other!
  • darling son Filmboy
  • darling daughter Hollywood
  • Phoebe the water stealing cat
  • Sophie the brainless cat
  • Old Black Dog says it all
  • grandpup Lulu - yorkies steal your heart
  • Cooking
  • Photography
  • Gardening
  • Wyoming

Unfortunately, this blog dramatically changed yesterday. DD Hollywood (20) ran away with her abusive BF forever more to be known as "THAT MAN" (35) we believe they are in the Denver area. DH and I are very concerned for her safety as THAT MAN has not only mentally but has physically abused several women that we know about.

This blog is now going to be a mothers on-going letter to DD Hollywood. Hopefully she will find this page and know we love and miss her! Hopefully sometime soon I will be able to return this blog to what it was originally intended.