Monday, August 25, 2008

The Alien Inside

Hello to my support groups.

I am sure at this point you are thinking "Just another kid, gone wild". But THAT is NOT the case. Hollywood is wonderful sure she and I have had our tiffs, we are very similar. But, she is amazing.

I have owned several businesses, an antique shop, pawn and money store all in one (sold a few years back), an environmental business (I still have - I work on ground, water and drinking water) plus I wear many different hats for my many different clients from bookkeeping to personal assisting. When Hollywood was 16 Water Boy and I went on a buying trip with our business partner for the antique shop. Hollywood had worked the entire business for me often while maintaining another job AND school work. I was afraid to leave Hollywood alone for the 10 day trip so I hired another women to come in and just be there because Hollywood was so young in a business with transit type folks. I did not know until I returned home, this woman NEVER SHOWED up to work. Hollywood handled the entire store by herself!!!! At age 16. I don't know of anyone at age 16 that could have done this. She had a $6000 day all by herself along with the pawn and money store!!!! The entire time I had the store I NEVER had a $6000 day! She is amazing.

What I see going on with her these last few months is sooooo foreign. My only explanation is ......I am positive AN ALIEN HAS TAKEN OVER HOLLYWOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Interesting side note, every other person ever interviewed by officials who have had a family member in this same situation as Hollywood with THAT MAN has used the EXACT SAME PHRASE...An Alien has taken over!

I am confused! I am extremely hurt! I am heart broken!

"I still am calling bull shit!"

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Jmo said...

I'm calling bullsh*t too! I'm shocked with your latest news about your DD. It proves to me you and Water Boy are IN an episode of
Twilight Zone, but remember, life is a drama. But just like a weekly drama on TV, there is always anoter episode which CAN have a HAPPY ending.
Continue to choose strength! Jmo's right there with ya woofin' ya on. Us hounds are a hearty bunch, and we don't give up--especially if it has anything to do with our kiddos.
You can email me at grocery dot lady at hotmail whenever you want. Just alert me on the Pound of that fact. My best to you and Water Boy. *Chuckle* And oh yeah, here's a hug. FYI, that hug is bigger than the biggest bowl of kibble your doggone peepers have ever seen.Jmo's talkin' HUGE!