Monday, August 25, 2008

The Abuse Cycle

IT IS FREAKIN UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!! I am at my wits end!!!!!!!!!!!! The abuse cycle is amazing!!! I have walked in Hollywood's shoes....I have been there, I understand but it is hard. Hollywood is textbook....but it does not make it easy to understand. Honestly, I personally can not deal with too much more of this b.s.

Now Hollywood does NOT WANT TO press charges. Yep, that is what she says.....NOW THAT MAN IS MR. WONDERFUL.... Water Boy and Hollywood went to file the paperwork. When they got there Hollywood proceeded in telling those people trying to help fill out the paperwork that this was all Water Boy and my fault. Water Boy and I are drunkin lunatics!!!!!!!! Water Boy said his jaw just hit the floor. He could not believe that HIS darling daughter could sit there and blatantly tell such huge lies about all of this and about us! And then defend all of That Man's actions!!! Water Boy came home with his head a hanging low at how betrayed he feels. He never in a million years would have dreamed that his beautiful daughter would do this to him. And get this Water Boy and I are the ones in the wrong. We have blown these things out of context.

Gee grabbing you around the throat, while you believe you are in danger, is OKAY?????????? Holding you against your will for forty five minutes is okay?????? Taking a hammer and putting it through the wall is okay????? Calling you every name in the book is okay???? Yep that makes him Mr. Wonderful just ask Hollywood. Rinse a repeat...UNFREAKIN BELIEVABLE!!!!

Hollywood just came into my office and said she does not feel comfortable around all this animosity towards her (from Water Boy and I). After what Water Boy under went at the legal shop? Gee, I would hate to see what real animosity felt like. Gee just 5 minutes ago I offered to make her a sandwich. Does this constitute animosity towards her?? Guess so Water Boy and I are fault!!!! Yep all of this hell that we have gone through is OUR own FAULT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have got to be in the Twilight Zone..... I have GOT to be in the Twilight Zone...that is the only explanation.

I know That Man is getting to her I am not sure how, but he is. He is really trying to alienate her from all of her family. He is succeeding. I told Hollywood it is time to put on your BIG GIRL PANTIES and start taking responsibilities for yourself! Quit blaming EVERYONE else for the messes you yourself are creating. I said "I Call Bull Shit", which is a phrase we use to say okay, that doesn't fly, it doesn't make sense and we all know it is b.s.

I believe Hollywood is praying that she is pregnant. That is the only way she can justify not proceeding with the prosecution of That Man. "He would go to jail for 4 to 6 years, if I file these papers". Boo freakin hoo! I have told her until I am blue in the face, this is not YOUR problem! You have to look after yourself. He has made his own bed, not you. They just don't throw you in jail for 4 to 6 years for a first offense. Nope they don't, but they will on lets say the third, fourth or more times prosecuted! Yep!! But NO just ask Hollywood, it is now Water Boy and my doings that That Man is in this situation.


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