Saturday, August 16, 2008

Hollywood At My Door

Good Morning -

Hollywood did come by around 3 Friday afternoon, with grandpup in tow. They both looked wonderful, but heck it really would not have mattered how they looked I was just so relieved to see them!

I hugged Hollywood's neck as long as she let me. I held back my tears of relief and I must admit the anger I have after being in the bowels of hell that Water Boy and I have been this last week.

I did not ask any questions. I just kept steps. So I said little and let her talk.

She is working & living just 45 miles away at that "Ax Ranch". This is a remote guest ranch with employee housing, she will be serving tables there. She said it is dorm style living and she says she has two roommates both from Russia who speak little English. She left grandpup LuLu with Water Boy and I because dogs are not allowed in the dorm. If all this is the case then that man is not living with her. Again, I did not steps.....She said she would be needed to work there until the end of September. She said this would give her time to get on to her feet. I AM VERY RELIEVED.

Water Boy met with her for a few minutes she stopped by his work after she left me. All he told me about that conversation was that it was a S*%#& thing she had done to us. After the week we have had I agree. I know we will need to work on our relationship with Hollywood, but for now it is not the time as Hollywood needs to get back on her feet emotionally and work on herself first.

Thank you for all your kind words, prayers and support. Keep praying and sending positive Chi that That Man is gone. Hollywood as far as I know has not seen this blog, I did kind of mention it and she seemed to not have a clue. I think it best to wait a while and to keep posting to her before she sees this, I do not want to put any further anxiety on her until I am sure she is emotionally stable.

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