Saturday, August 23, 2008

Hollywood Attacked

Hello to all my support.

Last night that man attacked Hollywood. Pulled her around by her hair then tried to strangle her. She managed to get away and call the police and Water Boy. He fled into the woods. Water Boy drove up to the "Ax" Ranch and brought Hollywood home. At this time we do not know the where abouts of that man. Please keep the prayers coming. Our family is in a lock down mode at the moment. We are being extremely cautious until they find that man. Hopefully this is coming to an end soon.

Here is the kicker.....the police have 24 hours to locate him. After 24 hours have passed if they have not located him then they CAN NOT arrest him for domestic violence. What is up with that kind of law? Wouldn't you think with all the stalking laws in place they could arrest him for his actions last night?? I don't get it.

Thanks for all the love and support.


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