Thursday, September 4, 2008

More on Hollywood

Hollywood was running late this morning and did not have time to make her lunch. I told her when I dropped her off at work that I would bring lunch by around 1. I stuffed and tossed a chicken in the oven to bake when I returned home.

At 1, I boxed up hot chicken and stuffing and took it to Hollywood. When I arrived Hollywood introduced me to her new boss. I handed her the plate of chicken, she commented that it was still warm. I told her what lunch was she looked directly at her boss and said "Isn't she the BEST!"..........I about hit the floor. What a nice compliment. I can't tell you how much I appreciated the kind words coming from her mouth.

I have really missed my darling Hollywood. I hope she is back for good. I really disliked the "Alien Hollywood".



Jmo said...

Oh, what a incredible mom you are,
SunEday! I'm hoping each day for your family becomes a tad more sunny. Embrace a moment like what happened to you and Hollywood today. I know it's been more than agonizing for you and your family lately, but you are stronger people for it. Now you have time to become a family once again! That is a gift within itself. Such a simple act of kindness on your part (home-cooked lunch and delivery while it was still warm yet) but look what Hollywood said! Yeah, never met your awesome daughter, but I think she says what she believes deep in her heart. And she said (about you) Isn't she the BEST? I believe you are, SunEday, I believe you are!

SunEday said...

JMO - You are such a sweet heart! Thank you for all your kind words and support over these last few months!!